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Foam Ear Plugs
poblex foam ear plugs

Snoring keeps millions awake night after night, and causes untold mental pain, relationship stress and illness due to sleep deprivation. People make lots of jokes about snoring, but if you are living with a loud snorer, it is no laughing matter.

If you have to sleep with snoring, you have four choices:

  • Suffer with it, and keep missing sleep. 

  • Change your sleeping arrangements.

  •  Use ear plugs so you can't hear the snoring.

  •  Try white noise sound masking so you can't hear the snoring.

Making the snorer stop snoring usually isn't an option - and the pills, sprays, and surgeries that promise to put an end to that snoring are often not only ineffective, but sometimes dangerous, too! Ear plugs, white noise, and other solutions that focus on making it so you cannot hear the snoring, on the other hand, are highly effective and absolutely safe. 

A pair of humble foam ear plugs, worn properly, is one of the most successful strategies to get relief from snoring, and we suggest you start there. However, if you have tried foam ear plugs without success, your unique snoring problem may call for a more advanced solution.

poblex foam ear plugs
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